UPNOW UNIVERSITY, Global University with Global subjects

UPNOW UNIVERSITY, Global University with Global subjects


POWER U is a world governance university. It stands for Presiders’ One World Earth Rescue. I conceived it in 2012, along with VOTE – Voice of Today’s Everyperson –

UPNOW UNIVERSITY, our other working title, standing for United Peoples Network – One World, addresses and cures all the challenges on the planet and will produce World Peace, Climate stabilization, Population Control, Species Preservation, Ocean and Rainforest Rescue along with all manner of beneficial phenomenons. Nothing this wonderful has happened, yet, on the planet. As we work to put this forward we ask YOU to open, to believe, and to love; yourself, your family, your neighbors, your brethren species and your Mother Earth.

A campus has been identified in the Argentine Patagonia where every nation will send four of their best and brightest to take a two year course in world governance, taught by the finest teachers, worldwide, in the areas of de-militarization, environmental responsibility, education, clean electrical and vehicle energy, commonwealth for all, population control, global peace maintenance, sustainable industrial practice as in Natural Capitalism, and species preservation, as well as any studies that can contribute to One World cooperation, and “borderless” democracy Hopefully the work of the Global Challenge Foundation will provide much material for the curriculum at POWER U.
Countries will contribute support funds on an as able basis at their discretion. At a suggested level of 1% of world defense spending – $4 billion dollars a day – this will assure more than ample funds to compensate both the career appointed teachers and special seminar guest speakers such as Al Gore, the Dalai Lama, Peter Schurman, Amory Lovins, and for campus excitement, Leonardo Di Caprio.

The founding concept includes the understanding that once people experience living and playing and studying and mind storming and conflict resolution and loving together, there will be bonds formed across all international boundaries such that the One World fact/dream will materialize, assuring that reasonable world governance and Earth stewardship will become a feasible reality.

And now here is why this will work; Publications will be written in every language and distributed for free both online and as presentations in schools and churches around the planet such that all world citizens will understand how life will be wonderfully better once the POWER graduates are elected to presider positions in their country. These publications will be ongoing and shared both as stated above and also on the POWER website where interactive energies will be entertained, fostered, and furthered. With this distribution there will be a worldwide “buzz” and a guarantee that each electorate will do everything to assure that the POWER candidates are elected to their nation’s top presider positions. One feature which will be promoted is that with de-militarization there will be immense funds liberated to provide commonwealth, such that all citizens will benefit greatly at almost heretofore unimaginable up graded levels. Thirsty people WILL have clean water to drink – imagine!

VOTE (Voice of Today’s Everyperson) will also be implemented, putting in place a forum for everyperson to tell their employees, the presiders, how they want them to perform on specific issues and general governance.

POWER candidates pledge to hold office for only one term, and they also take a humility oath, ridding themselves, and their nation, of the onus, and dangers, of stardom along with many symbols thereof. And, of course, with POWER graduates conferring readily and handily on all relative governance issues, plus referring to the referendum decisions provided by VOTE, presiders will be more implementers than autocrats etc. The days of slavishly pretending to worship our presider employees are over.

Decision making will thereby be a heady combination of constant communication with their peer graduates across the Earth’s boundaries, and reference to the results as provided by VOTE. The Presiders will have monthly half day meetings via online technology (no need to fire up jets etc) as well as daily communications as needed. And there will be annual one week reunions on the POWER U campus during the three month break period. This is, indeed, world change and betterment on a grand scale!

A POWER launch is easy. I am approaching Ted Turner, and Leonardo di Caprio, at this time with the invitation to act as a figure head to initially announce POWER at a press conference. If neither is available then an other such iconic, legendary, stand out citizen will be identified and recruited. Said spokesperson/figurehead will be a shoo in for the Nobel Peace Prize.

It is foreseen that the Global Challenge Foundation principles will be involved from the onset as this is exactly what they are looking for – and, with their leadership, many others will jump onboard. Note; it is my intention to use any prize money to further effectuate GPU.
It need not take any significant outlay of funds initially beyond creating the website which will share the founding concepts with all the world’s citizenry, and then outlay to translate the POWER message into all the world’s languages.

I envision creating an advisory board and am making available my 100,000 acre estancia in the Argentine Andes for secure high level talks ( We will meet there, after winning the Global Challenge prize (ha), to brainstorm the actual launch. Ranquilco is very remote, residing in Deep Nature, where the inspiration for all of this was fostered. It will work its happy magic on the attendees as well, further inspiring them. The prize money will be applied to the POWER launch as I do not personally require funds beyond my desire to effect Earth Rescue.

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Yes, of course there are some hurdles along the POWER path, but with worldwide excitement on a grassroots everyperson level, it will be unstoppable and World change will happen. There are metaphysical understandings in higher realms that we were born for this.

May these energies be experienced with the light of love attending our ways, waiting and yearning to shine down upon beings liberated from the fearful greed and innocent ignorance which has so darkly littered our doings until the present. May the blessings herein abound on this so beautiful planet, and all upon it.

Proverbial WORLD PEACE awaits!

The model description will be divided into the following subsections;
The campus
The curriculum
The information highway to inform the citizenry and ensure election
VOTE – how it works and how to implement
Naysayers and YAYsayers
The Campus

Argentina is a relatively reasonable country, especially now that it is weaning away from the oppressive onus of Peronism. They only have one modern war – the Malvinas/Falkland Island bout with England, which was a disastrous endeavor by General Galtieri fostered to take attention away from crippling internal economic news. It lasted only a few weeks, never should have been started, and even the macho military knew it had to end and pressured the President to surrender. Which he finally did.

As humor is an important sidelight in human affairs I will add in this fun little joke; when told he HAD to surrender, the surly macho general pawed the ground and then looked up and said; “All right, I will surrender…but only to MISTER Thatcher”.

Otherwise Argentina is a peaceful country though there have been border disputes with Chile which are mostly resolved now. During the border settlement years there were many army bases built, two of which are nestled in the rolling hills of Junin de los Andes and San Martin de los Andes. These are beautiful places, complete with training facilities, gymnasiums, playing fields, horse stables, dining and meeting rooms, plus all manner of classy quarters in cottages scattered under mighty old oak trees around the base. This will be the POWER U campus – one of the most beautiful in the world.

They are separated by a lovely 40 minute drive and could also be joined by a riding/hiking trail. San Martin de los Andes is a wonderful small ski and summer resort type of town, at the end of a delicious lake and surrounded by mountains. It has many hotels and fine restaurants and is visited by thousands of people a year. The two towns are served by efficient bus lines and a modern jet port. All in all, these two bases and the towns are perfect for POWER U.

President Macri will be invited to honor Argentina by hosting the governance university which will change the world and make it a far better place. A renewable lease will be easily effected. He will become a world hero and his country will regain premiere status – lost since Peron. The entire country will support the hosting of POWER and the military will have no problem moving out, both disbanding somewhat and also occupying nearby bases that are half empty. And of course Chile, no longer a threat anyway, will support the program.


The only real student requirement, other than a dedication to embrace the mandate of one world governance, is to speak English so as to enable teachings and peer communication. As such all the courses will be presented in English.

Political Science professors will be identified and hired from all over the world. Obviously they will be vetted for their progressive and visionary abilities. They will be the backbone of the teaching staff and will forward the programs of POWER so that it will work in every country.

They will be joined by teachers in the following areas;
Environmental Responsibility
Clean renewable energy
Clean water challenges
Species preservation
Eco System Sanitation
Conflict Resolution
One World Cooperation
Wealth Distribution/Global taxation
Global borderless democracy
Bio-regional tribalism
Meditative Nature inspiration
Trade Economics
Banking reform – Blockchain, Bit coin etc.
Population Control
Repairing and Revitalizing internal governance mechanisms (health care, social security etc)
Government Budget Balancing
Bureaucratic Lessening (paperwork, interference etc)
Natural Capitalism
Creation Enjoyment
Farming, grazing and fishing – renewable practices
The Psychology of Humility and Service…of Love
Personal health, fitness, and fun (sports and yoga, for example)

In addition, specialists will be imported to study facets such as halving the work week, personal simplification, state sponsored sharing programs, and city planning to enhance personal enjoyment with green spaces and recreational areas, as well as cutting down on costly commutes via intelligent modifications. As population numbers increase, putting more deadly pressure on precious and precarious eco systems, it is imperative that constructs such as exemplified by the growing Sharing Society model, be put in place to not only re use goods but also for community cooperation.

For example, is a construct designed to facilitate sharing such that local folk can own an asset together for all the obvious benefits therein. It stands for Asset Sharing Society Klub, and not only lessens our consumptive footprint but fosters community cohesion. It acts locally – within the zip code for example – and has more potential than eBay and Craigslist combined. Easy to enact and to implement –ASSK (ask and you shall share) will soon operate worldwide.

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There will be weekly concerts and dances as well as other social and artful programs; poetry readings and round table discussions etc. Performers such as Lynn Miles, Cheryl Wheeler, and Sting will be invited down to share their enlightened energies with the campus.

Whereas it is outside the purview of this writing to fine detail all of the courses in the curriculum, which I will leave up to the experts who, surely, will be forthcoming in droves, I would like to detail the “Creation Enjoyment” course which might seem to some to be outside the mission mandate of the university, and also mention the Natural Capitalism piece as promoted in the book by that name written by Amory Lovins, Hunter Lovins, and Paul Hawken. This will be studied along with implementation plans to put it in place. It is essentially a way for industry to perform with eco consciousness at the helm, while also attending the bottom line, and is a very important factor in going forward with a lessened footprint.

Creation Enjoyment? Sounds like a rather flighty subject to be studied at a governance university. But, as a matter of fact, it is an essentially important facet of being on the planet because when people are relaxed in areas of enjoyment that turn them on, all the less will they want to participate in the negative vibrations which currently flit around the globe; war, terrorism, discrimination, and personal footprints of pollution.

Eckhart Tolle is an example of one who will come for a seminar revolving around his book “The Power of Now”, and many other life enhancement authors and presenters will come.

I have written a potentially seminal book entitled “Flow – Commonsense Cosmology for Today’s Everyperson, and a Life Lover’s Guide to Creation Enjoyment”. Excusing myself from the charge of self promotion, and asking your forbearance, I want to share that I wrote the book for Earth Rescue reasons. I have been a conservationist since the middle seventies, when with my then wife, Catherine Mellon, we founded, among other environmental entities, Island Press which is currently the world’s largest environmental press. But it was not until later that I became involved with the study of flow and came to understand that with flow energies operative, people need not either consume more than necessary, nor harbor ill feelings towards their fellow man. As such, studies in these areas will help not just the POWER students but, once introduced and implemented in their home countries, all of the citizenry, and all of the currently beleaguered eco systems.

There are many other ongoing aspects of Creation Enjoyment which may be mentioned; cutting the work week in half, for example. Before POWER (BP, ha) “Progress” and “Growth – GDP” were the catchwords for both politicians and Corporations, but these words turn out to be synonyms for deadly pollution in most cases. At this time in the history of the planet we are exercising our stewardship in an unsustainable manner. The tipping point is upon us and we can no longer intelligently afford to continue our abuse of the struggling eco systems.

New ways of managing our stewardship must be implemented. With the redistribution of the military funds can come meaningful and wonderful new aspects of life on the planet such as working less hours, which also means that there will be employment opportunity for all who want it. If personal income is lessened thereby, so too will be consumptive demand vis a vis the sharing societies enabled along with the education afforded by books such as Living Simply, and the Joy of Less.

This from Howard Zinn points out the benefits of re-forming societal and agricultural practices;
“The US, as is typical of empires, is unsustainable, built on unspeakable behaviors. The wool has not been pulled over our eyes. Our eyes are the wool. Our US model has morphed into neo-liberal globalization, destined to destroy virtually all planetary life.

“But Humans ARE redeemable and reformable if we choose to re-organize into bioregionally sufficient food and simple tool cooperative cultures, similar to ancient Indigenous models. Ceasing obedience to nation states will free up our energy and imaginations to create new social configurations integrated within bioregional carrying capacity.”

Students will strengthen their bond by playing sports and other games together, by meeting for informal chats at the bar and under the shade trees – beside the stream, where they can play with the classroom concepts and fine tune them for their particular countries.

This bonding is at the crux of the POWER model and deserves a modern look, as once bonding is effected over the two years, these world leaders will be united with the common purpose of leading the way to make the world a far better place.

The touchiest subject, over population, has become sort of a non starter in that right to lifers and other ilk of that nature have imposed errant morality on the land – claiming higher ground on this essential issue. Many, if not all, challenges and risks today are the result of population running rampant in many parts of the world. This is a very touchy subject, a slippery and glass sharded slope – almost always avoided in ostrich manner (head in the ground) by politicians and, indeed, most of society.

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This writer has no ready solution to this problem, though it bothers the heck out of me to think that there will be 50% more of us when my grandson is my age. What a horrid legacy we are providing. Shame on us – but now we can begin a vast rectification.

One thought would be to deal with it via education, especially in the POWER website and distribution network. That could go a ways towards neutering religious and other groups who do not understand the disastrous criminality of promoting population growth. And maybe that program plus some sort of a sterility subsidy could turn this around. Parents could receive financial or housing rewards by taking voluntary sterility procedures. After all, one of the pieces that POWER will liberate is money, so – after countries have taken care of their near bankruptcies – there can be ample funds to be used for programs such as this.

I am confidant that, with new reason coming to the fore, solutions will be found and then carried out by the evolved and enlightened presiders.

And finally, what is needed on the planet is an entirely new way of being. Jaguar Ambassadors Gang, dedicated to Earth Rescue, intends to promote the creation of a new meme of human being where voluntary simplicity will provide an antidote to the stress engendered by modern life for the individual, while also lessening the deadly footprint poisons of excess consumption. This is a heady and much needed movement, centered on children, and available at


World peace – always a happy rallying cry, and almost always a pipe dream…until now.

War is an embarrassingly archaic institution and should have been abolished long, long ago.

Why is the United Nations such a gelded and almost dysfunctional organization? Precisely because the world leaders are separate and operate primarily for the good of their nation, as do their delegates. Once POWER is in place in a majority of the world’s countries, the presiders will be operating according to the mandate taught and shared at the university – eager to cooperate on all fronts, with the principal one being de-militarization. Indeed, POWER is a de facto “United” Nations, but a real one, eager to work (and play) together to meaningfully improve life on Earth, such that global democracy becomes a functional reality.

Keep in mind the outreach of the POWER website and ebooks which will be made viral by the buzz of everyperson, along with numerous press releases and constant media attention. In the entire history of planet Earth, there has never been anything even close to the POWER concept and its creation will effect and please all seven thousand million plus of us. It will be the ongoing subject in all discussion forums, and over all neighboring fences. This means that in virtually EVERY nation state the common person will be waiting to support whatever de-militarization, and other POWER plays, look like for their country.

The main thing it looks like, after world peace, is the releasing and re-purposing of the $4,000,000,000 which is spent daily on military machines … EVERY DAY. Doing the math here, that means that every person will get the equivalent of fifty cents a day, which may not mean much to First Worlders, but – accumulated over a number of days – would mean a world of difference to a starving or thirsty African. These funds will then be made available for all the projects studied at the university resulting in a tremendous upsurge in commonwealth and also environmental improvement.

As for the hold outs? The answer is that they will not be able to hold out for long in the face of everypersons’ cry for peace and plenty. It can also be studied as to what a unified trade sanction looks like; every other country refusing to do trade with any war armed countries. With this unified front, plus the cry of their citizenry, they will not long be able to continue their warlike ways.

Reasonably dismantling the military machine will have been studied at the university and already shared with the populace of the world.

Peace keeping forces could initially be involved and then fade away. Nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction will be the first to go.

Swords to ploughshares – the “defense” industries will need to re-tool.

An other world changing facet of POWER is that with four graduates, reinforced by another four grads in two years, there will not be the anxiety attached to protecting the chief Presider. Historically there may have been a couple of irreplaceable or

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Jan O Persson
2019-07-06 07:52

Jose Gonzalez
I have to admit that I know nothing about this. Perhaps you would start a new forum and create the opportunity to discuss this.

Madeleine Rose
Madeleine Rose
2018-07-04 18:26

I have received an email from you but cannot see your reply here on the Human Voices website. I chose to make my comments public and will not reply privately. Regarding your request for assistance I am busy with my own project.
P.S please do not refer to me as ‘darling lady’ or ‘Maddy’ again. These names are inappropriate.

Madeleine Rose
Madeleine Rose
2018-07-03 05:24

I read your webpage. My queries are:
– How are the students selected
– How is the project to be funded. I cannot see countries donating part of their national budget to it.
– Why would a sovereign state give the students any status on their return that could affect policy.
– Nice idea but unsure of its global impact or how this will be measured.
– It may be difficult to attract good teachers with an established reputation as they are likely to be in post already.
– Although it may be lovely, not everyone wants to live in or visit a remote area of Patagonia
– Your charity although registered does not show annual reports or accounts.
– Your website has no information about the people involved in your organisation apart from a bit about you. It obliquely refers to ‘three women’ and you mention a co-author?
– Not a lot of information about your campus – the accommodation? shops? food? self catering? location/transport options. All seems very vague…

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