The sexual game, a playing that always will exist

The sexual game, a playing that always will exist


Women are flirting. Men are trying. Enjoyment is all the way, and it is greatest when both find the enjoyment together. A happy face on your partner after an orgasm give you the longest enjoyment.


To try a woman’s desire to be with you. Choose an opportunity with care. The result should be that both have enjoyed what you have done together.
When you try and she says No, notice if her No is clear or if there is the opportunity to do more attempts. Continue only if you notice that she is happy with your attempts. Please take a break between the trials. Avoid creating pressure.
If your partner has needs, and you give her full enjoyment, you are a hero. If you give her pleasure without claiming something in return, you are a super hero.
Once your needs are so great that now you can´t wait any longer, do something about it, but find a way that does not harm or hurt anyone.


Flirt gladly and show what you want with your flirt. Just a flirt makes one happy and creates good feelings for a long time.
Show clearly, both when flirting goes in the direction you want, and when it does not. Once both are aware of what the flirtation is about, the opportunities increase for you to come to what both enjoys.
If you choose to give your partner ejaculation, is it a gift. If you give your partner full enjoyment without having to claim something in return, it is a love act.

Sex, love and affirmation are the same for some people. However, for many women and men there are three different things. Show or tell your attitude, it makes it easier for you, when you looking for a partner.
Infidelity hurts people more, and for much longer time, than the pleasure you will experience in a short period.
You can never get the right to do what you want with another person, not when it comes to sex, money or work, or anything else.
Drugs, alcohol or sexual stimulants may cause you to regret what you have done afterwards.
A collective, not an individual person, should always award punishment.

Hate, feeds your own aggressiveness.

The orgasm reduces anger and concern.

It is hard to enjoy or get an orgasm if it is an insecure situation, both for men and women.

Many people want to help if you have problems, even in the sexual area. Find help if you need it.
A partner, male or female, is not bound to have more sex just because they have had it before.
It should be possible for a young man to practice and experience sex whit older experienced women. It should also be possible for a young woman to seek experience with older men. NOTE! It not accepted in most cultures today. Respect this!
Many young men and women examine their ability to attract the sexual. They try more than they want to go to action. Respect this, and do not take advantage of the situation.
If you have sex to have a baby, do not forget to enjoy the sensual.
I am aware that these thoughts about sex do not cover everything. Please comment, or describe, in a vision, how you want it to be. Write on
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