The Basis of the New Global Governance System

The Basis of the New Global Governance System


The Basis of the New Global Governance System
The reduction of the risks faced by humanity will be achieved through an increase in awareness and a change in priorities of the human beings who live on Earth.
This is only possible with a global change of mentality that is achieved through enhancing the ability of people to question about the causes of their own experiences. That is, empower critical thinking from a constructive and never confrontational approach.
Since we are born we are conditioned by the social model at all levels towards competition and confrontation between two or more factions or currents of thought and pigeonholed in one of them without questioning anything. We can observe this starting with sports, the products we consume, politics, the distribution of the world in countries, etc.
This system of confrontation and competition causes the division of human beings, avoiding that we assume united as inhabitants of this planet the true priorities of each and every one of us that in essence are the same for all.
Democracy is based on this confrontation and division of people, which is telling us that this is something to improve in the future because a governance system must unite all human beings, while facilitating individual critical thinking for that the diversity of thought brings new points of view and solutions to globality with a mentality of service and improvement of the life of all human beings.
For this change to take place, it is necessary to increase empathy towards the other, a human being who lives with a good quality of life must be able to identify with another human being who is living in worse conditions and in this way, realizing that it could be he himself who was in such situation and be able to change their personal priorities, which should be that no human being live in worse conditions than himself.
To achieve this change of mentality on a global level, what is needed is a real education on a planetary scale towards empathy and love for all people, aimed at increasing individual and collective awareness and fostering individual critical thinking.
This education must be reinforced by example, that is, doing exactly what is said and not just words and good intentions. Therefore, it is necessary that the new global governance system be exemplary, that it establish an agenda of humanitarian priorities and that it carry them out without any type of conditioning.
These humanitarian priorities are:
1) Progressive reduction of military spending in the world
2) Reduction of the big inequalities between the human beings that live or survive on the planet
3) Educate in a paradigm of abundance, empathy and love
4) Reduction of fear under which much of humanity lives, people should feel protected, loved and all their basic needs should be covered without requiring any payments
5) Reduction of individual and collective selfishness
6) Foster the desire of every human being to contribute to the whole humanity with their ideas and work for the good of all
7) Regenerate the nature of the planet and mitigate the effects of climate change
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