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TRV The Right Visions Foundation works on climate issues and is a proponents for visions.

Be a part and create the future.

Last Updated: November, 2021


Terms of Service

By using TRV, therightvisions.directory and/or creating an account on therightvisions.directory,

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Note! TRV, The Right Visions was formerly called Human Voices. In this document the name Human Voices is still used. This will be changed to TRV, The Right Visions, as soon as possible. /Admin

Our Values:

TRV, The Right Visions Foundation (therightvisions.directory) is a library and a social media for visions. It is an organization and a platform for personal and various group constellations. We work for the creation of visions and for collecting, sharing and discussing visions for the entire world’s future.

Human Voices Foundation values; change, innovation, consumer rights, freedom of expression, benefiting society, and political neutrality. Human Voices Foundation values the individual. Human Voices Foundation acts with ethics, transparency, and integrity.

The Human Voices Foundation creates the conditions for the creation of visions without the influence of economic, political, religious or other types of organizations.

The Human Voices Foundation is created and owned by its members. The membership is built at different levels. Everyone has the opportunity to become a member and to climb to the highest level. The highest level of membership is; Board member (limited number of members. Board members are replaced at regular intervals).

Join and create the future. With you as a member, Human Voices can change the future.

We listen to your feedback and suggestionsHuman Voices Foundation informs users with transparency. You are a valued content creator on this platform.

We will not sell user data.

Human Voices Foundation value the right to be heard, right to service, right to be informed, right to safety, right to privacy, and right to choice.

One of the Human Voices Foundation’s goals is to give people the possibility of a network in which they can quickly and easily show how they want the world to be.
We have an anti-bullying/anti-harassment policy since we take a more proactive view on freedom of expression. People should have the right to state their opinions or express themselves without retaliation and safely. People should have freedom of individualism and to be different. In Human Voices Foundation’s view, this is true freedom of expression.

Human Voices Foundation wants to bring more user customization. Our platform is always evolving.

Human Voices Foundation will provide the same Terms of Service for all users worldwide. We do this to provide equality and transparency for all users.