Basic income a win for employers and society

Basic income a win for employers and society 4.5 (13)

For a long time, society has developed and become more secure for many people, and the economy has grown. Let’s fix this security with a basic income for all. In ...
Collaboration forum design (suggestion)

Collaboration forum design (suggestion) 3 (1)

We, ‘the People’, need to organize ourselves better. Our lives and interactions can no longer be addressed via the ancient systems that were designed to control our group and individual ...
Quality education

Quality education 4.3 (3)

Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning United Nations goals no. 4 of the Sustainable Development Goals. Obtaining a quality education is the foundation to creating ...
Children having loving family

Children having loving family 3 (2)

More children from children’s homes should get the opportunity to be in a new loving family. Page Views: 216 ...
Adults also go to playgrounds

Adults also go to playgrounds 5 (3)

A culture where adults also go to playground and play with each other. Cities should be able to build city playgrounds, where adults in all ages should be able to ...
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