Visions = So it should be

Visions = So it should be


The best of all worlds
Words and compositions that suit all times = So it should be
A system in constant search of the words and compositions that in all times suit all people, animals and plants. Visions that a perfect world can be built from. The founding stones in a stable, functioning world. Visions that can eventually change the world in such a way as we would have it become.
• Visions that create peace and quiet, yet lend tolerance to anxiety, mistakes and missteps.
• Visions that create possibilities for change and trust in the future without overconsumption or outcompeting someone else.
• Visions that display our needs without demanding from others.
• Visions that show that which we accomplish on a small scale, but have yet to make work on a large scale.
• Visions that show that which is already working well.
• Visions and compositions created by one and all.

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