Safe Communities All Around the World

Safe Communities All Around the World


Some communities are unfavorable to live in, due to high crime rate, violence, coldness, they seem unsafe and unsustainable, there might even be less access to “common goods” such as clean water and food, while other communities might come across more (too) expensive to live in and limited both spatial and inclusively.
What if all local communities were safe, inclusive, empowering, and inspiring in each their cultural and accessible form with the necessary resources available, and the charme that follows, the difference, which inspires others. We shouldn’t become alike. We should stay true to out nature, our culture, our history.
Let’s make local communities personal for those who live in them, but with an inclusive nature of all — guests as well as women and children. What if communities were mainly defined by citizenship, culture, history and engagement, and not defined by the SES – there are more dynamic forms of wealth!

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