United Humanity, Reforming UN and the veto right, UN75 4 (3)

The conceptual model of United Nations reform – “UN 3.0” includes the General Program of Action on UN Reform, consisting of two stages. The first stage for 2020-2025 envisages the transformation of the main organs of the UN – the General Assembly and the Security Council with measures to improve the effectiveness of the management system, address the “veto problem”, problem of financing, improve staff work and administrative and financial control, strengthen UN media, improvement of work with the global civil society. The General Assembly …

UPNOW UNIVERSITY, Global University with Global subjects 4.7 (3)

UPNOW UNIVERSITY, our other working title, standing for United Peoples Network – One World, addresses and cures all the challenges on the planet and will produce World Peace, Climate stabilization, Population Control, Species Preservation, Ocean and Rainforest Rescue along with all manner of beneficial phenomenons. Nothing this wonderful has happened, yet, on the planet. As we work to put this forward we ask YOU to open, to believe, and to love; yourself, your family, your neighbors, your brethren species and your Mother Earth.