When the world goes on tightroap

When the world goes on tightroap

The world is in balance =

+ When we have the same speed on our production of articles as it takes the Earth to create new raw materials.

+ When we replace the damage, we humans create in nature, with new areas with nature that is similar to what is damaged.

+ When we humans create something that gives concern to any group of people. at the same time, something should be created that gives the same group a security that corresponds to what created concern.

+ When minerals are handled so that it gets its own life cycle with -Consumption-Caretaking-Creation-Distribution-.

+ When all new chemical products are tested in all environments before they can be produced and used in everyday life.

+ When we choose to only create and produce products that we humans need.

+ When the languages (communication) have clearly defined words and sentences that everyone can understand.

+ When the free parts of languages are used to communicate between all groups of people.

+ When the working tasks are distributed so that everyone has a task to do.

+ When recreation can be achieved instantaneously and without created products.

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