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You are in charge

Share your thoughts and ideas. Make them visible. They get points for the number of "clicks". They get the power to change from the Evaluation. How far does your idea go?

So it should be

What does your life look like if you were to control the world?

How does other people's lives look like? How do we live? National borders, are there? Should we have more borders? Do we work together or separately? Are there robots and machines that do everything for us, or ...... ?

Which issue do you think is the most important and what should be done about it?

How will it be when it really works?

Visions show the way

Life on earth is constantly evolving, and the future is difficult to predict. But we all have thoughts about how it should be, and all development begins with a vision.

Today we are 7 billion people and more we become. The need to know how the future can look like is becoming more and more important.

Show the direction you want the development to have.

Visions inspire

It is important to show Visions, they inspire both the citizens and leaders of various kinds.

Visions change our world. A little simple thought is sometimes enough.

Find Visions

In many places around the world, one can choose leaders for different positions, and when there are opportunities, we choose leaders with visions that we believe in.
Here at TRV, you can choose Visions to show leaders what is important to you and your future.
Evaluate visions on

Visions with power

The power of a vision is in how many people that is behind it.
Your vision and many thousands or millions of votes for your vision give power to it.
You can affect the outcome of your vision.

So you do

Write down your vision here on TRV
• Try your vision with your friends
• Ask your friends to evaluate the vision. The vision comes in on first place every time someone evaluate
• Share it on any media you use
• Edit and rewrite it if you do not get a response. Every new vision comes first.


Do you want to work on developing? Do you have an idea that you want to convey as a vision?
Do you want to start your own group? Do you have friends, colleagues who want to work together?
Do you need a common vision for the company?
We want to start groups to discuss visions.


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Your thoughts are important, they inspire others to continue.
Your idea can be the impulse to create what we all need.