Collaboration is The Solution

Collaboration is The Solution


99% Of the success of any group effort relies on the efficiency of it’s collective discussions, Group collaboration and meaningful mass communication is however extremely difficult. Even small groups of 20 or more people find it very difficult to collaborate. At a local level, there are many discussions but every modern village, town or city lacks a functioning Local Forum….. almost everywhere in the world.
We need an online local portal that can connect everybody local to everyone and everything local. More than that, we need a local online Forum that can hold the multi-faceted discussions of a town or city.
I am suggesting a Local forum owned by the locals…. not facebook, whatsapp or Twitter. It must be free, multi-language, user friendly and somehow resemble our ‘real life’, natural groups processes, without the usual confusion and manipulations.
Transparency is vital.
I believe we already have the technology at our finger-tips. We just need to streamline the protocols, systems and processes in a user-friendly fashion.
I suggest that interested parties should set up an online WordPress forum to discuss this issue. A kind of think-tank. Through group efforts we evolve and streamlined that forum into a platform that would be able to handle hundreds of local ongoing discussions seeking local solutions, consensus, informative etc.
The forum becomes a live example of a functioning online portal/forum that could be used not only by a town or city, but could also be scaled down and to be used by smaller groups like schools and so on.
How it looks, feels and functions. and how it is presented to people is very important.
Gradually more and more people are invited to test and feel the versatility and simplicity of the proposed forum. People add to it and improve it.
When it is ready we shared it more publicly as a free-to-use proforma to help empower local endeavors.
It can be called ”Human Voices- Mass collaborations”, or something to that effect, but it cannot be directly associated with any vision or group….. it needs to stand alone as a demonstrative functioning forum set up by a small group of collaborating individuals.
No other agenda or motive.

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Bruno Brincat
Bruno Brincat
2018-07-04 00:32
Bruno Brincat
Bruno Brincat
2018-07-03 19:24

The proposed purpose is to enable meaningful mass collaborations and discussions.
The following design is a kick-off suggestion, (to be constructed using free open source WordPress templates, modules and plug-ins.)
PS…… I cannot attach a diagram?
PAGE 1- THE PORTAL (Home page).
Position 1
Top banner. (artwork needed here).
Position 2
Drop down menu
* The language translate option may be a problem….
(Question- How difficult will it be to translate the entire site , including the forum and comments?)
*The one tab is a ‘HELP or Admin button’…… at anytime anyone who is stuck in a discussion or with a technical issue, should be able to get immediate, (or as soon as possible), assistance from one of the admins….. If that admin cannot help the admin can suggest that a topic is made for open discussion, or the admin should be able to call/tag another admin to come help…. admins can also call other members to come assist with the query….. *Everyone should be attended to as soon as possible to reduce frustration.
Topics with urgent issues should be Red Flagged by the admins who get notified.
Position 3
*Here is a short paragraph that explains the purpose of this prototype portal/forum under construction by the founding group members. (The short explanatory paragraph has a *Read More* option which links to an expanded version with a standard Disclaimer and a general Policy Statement.)
* What are the objectives of this site. (with a link- or drop down explanation in an I-frame perhaps)
*How this site works…… how to get help from the admins for example (with a link- or drop down with mouse hover)
*What are our policies.(with a link- or drop down explanation……
IE. This website is owned by all the members.
The password is held by the Super admins. If they wish to end their role as Super admins they must make a group announcement 1 month before resigning their position so that the members have sufficient time to make alternative arrangements and find a suitable replacement for that position.)
*The site is owned by all the group members.- * link to members page (Page 4).
*(Each page has a place for comments…… people must log in as members or guests to make a comment or post a topic).
Position 4
Important announcements.
Position 5
Here the group/community can promote their services and products etc.
Position 6
Here is a list of the various platforms that could be made available-
IE- A Classified section, Chat rooms with specific topics, Adverts, Local emergency contact numbers and so on.
Position 7 is the most important one- THE FORUM. (Main photo)
When a person clicks open the forum….
1. They will be asked to join as a member (what type of member? Guest, topic admin or community member etc.)
If they want to join as a member or guest, someone in the group has to verify that they are a know, real living member of the group- They must nominate someone or be nominated by someone in the group. This is to prevent false members from joining the group.
1. Once a person becomes a member or guest member, they can comment on any page or forum topic.
2, If someone wishes to post a topic they must register, or re-register as a Topic facilitator/admin.
If some one wishes to introduce a new topic they must put it under the appropriate Category of subjects or make a new category if it does not already exist.
The topics are discussed in forum styled platforms- each topic can be voted on a scale 1-5 for example…… comments/replies can be voted up or down…. etc
The discussions continue until the person who posted the topic is satisfied that it has been dealt with….. the topic (with the discussion), is then archived on Page 5 under the appropriate category, in date order.
(Question….. would this be possible?).
PAGE 3.- The Sunday Community news report.
On Saturday at midnight Page 3 is published with a list of all the topics posted during the past week in the order of those that received the most talk *from the most people*.
(Of course there are other built-in filters that can reflect other stats…. topics read by women or the youth for example).
Each topic is accompanied by a small thumbnail of the epic that accompanied the original topic post.
Thus anyone can easily find the most important topics listed at the top…. There is also a topic search option.
On Sunday all the admins can comment on these discussions on this NEWS PAGE 3—-Only the admins, but visible to all the members. This is an opportunity for the admins to ‘take stock of the various discussions and access their development during the past week…. New directions or considerations can be suggested. Some topics can be Red Flagged as Urgent….. Suggestion s can be made for amendments to the Notice Board and so on. Strategies are considered. Admins don’t make decisions- They can make or introduce new suggestions for the other members to consider. Members cannot reply on this page- It would be too confusing. Members can respond to the admins on their topics page where the discussions continue.
(If initially it is too difficult to get the coding to automatically create the topics listed in the manner on Page 3, it will have to be done manually by the Super admin on Saturday night.
This Page 3 stays up for 1 week- It reelects the temperature of the topics from the perspective of the Topic admins—– ordinary people, together with appointed leaders- Anyone who has made a topic and is a topic admin. This is a form of citizen written journalism…. a cross-section of perspectives from a variety of people writing from different angles.
On Sunday at the old Page 3 is achieved on Page 6….. The Sunday News page archives.
PAGE 4 Members List
*Founder members (site designers)
Role and functions description- names listed.
*Super admins (that control the site’s functions)
Role and functions description- names listed.
*Admins-(technical assistants)
Role and functions description- names listed.
* Topic admins and facilitators/moderators
Role and functions description- names listed
PAGE 5. The Topic archives
This is where old topics that have been resolved are archived by the person who posted it for future referencing. It must be achieved according to categories.
PAGE 6 -The Sunday News archives
Where the Sunday News pages are archived in date order.
PAGE 7 -The Instruction manual
As the site is being developed a step by step manual is written here- A DIY reference manual so anyone can make an identical site with forums, portal and apps construction instructions.
*There is a section where people can ask technical questions.
PAGE 8 A forum for the admins to discuss their issues….. it is divided into sections- IE technical or issues relating to discussion or membership issues.
Members cannot comment on this page but they can read what is being said. Only admins can comment here. Admins cannot make structural decisions here- They have to present their recommendations top the group as a topic in the central group forum. (Page 3).
1.Can a group announcement be made in WordPress styled groups? Some people don’t like or can’t receive email notifications….. can this be built into the app?
2.Can you tag (5) members to your topic to bring attention to your topic? (WordPress).
3.Costs—- How much will it cost to host the conversations of 1000 people? 20 000 people?….. how many servers for 30 000 people? (In South Africa, how much do these things cost?)
4.If an intra-net is set up, and broadcasted, apart from the running and initial costs, is it cost free for the end-user to open the website and applications via a wi-fi connection?
What are the implications? Virus attacks?
5. If the Portal website front page is a website aimed mostly for visitors and public, while the community forum is presented in the form of an app that has to be installed on smartphones as an option, would having an app make it less data consuming for the end user.
Please note….. This site is intended to be a tool that enables local/global solutions/collaborations, so the cost factor to the end user is a very important consideration, especially in the poorer countries where many institutional structures are currently collapsing at an alarming rate due to the lack of the financial backing required to maintain top heavy colonial styled hierarchies.
(Here in SA for example the Internet is very expensive.)
6. Should each town have there own servers?
Can groups share servers with others or do they need to have a dedicated server? National (big) servers versus local (small) servers?
Once we have a functioning design we could then seek funding for a properly engineered a plug an play android app of sorts… – EVERYTHING OPEN SOURCE AND FREE FOR EVERYONE TO USE.

2018-06-29 06:18

I completed the registration of the vision by inserting it into the Area: Worldwide.

Bruno Brincat
Bruno Brincat
Reply to  Admin
2018-07-03 19:27

How do I attach a photo Jan?

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