Freedom and Cluster residence

Freedom and Cluster residence

Collective housing, 50 to 150 individuals

Cluster residence a way of life with a maximum of freedom and a minimum of material needs.
Cluster housing and living environment with opportunities and freedom.
Minimum need for products in the accommodation.
Cluster Accommodation for 50 to 150 people in clusters close to other similar clusters.

Is it time to reform from the large-scale to the small-scale? can it save the climate?

Possibility to have common living space, tools, kitchen etc. would create less need for the number of industries.

Distribute land to the collective. equivalent ……….

Är det tid till att reformera från det storskaliga till det småskaliga? kan det rädda klimatet?

Möjligheten att ha gemensamma bostadsutrymmen, verktyg, kök osv. skulle skapa mindre behov av antalet industrier.

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