Choosing road to go
Choosing road to go

Choosing road to go

I want to see if I can create different visions for the Worldwide Status quo. The idea is to do this without thinking too much about what is good or bad. Instead, I want to try to learn more about economic governance, changes in the social interaction (historical), technological changes and other phenomena that come up during the writing.

The climate changes I have in my mind all the time, even though it is not visible in the texts. So is also love, respect and fear.

I want to learn more, and to do that I intend to try to create at least 3 different visions with different goals. Probably, the text will be changed for a long time and many times difficult to comprehend. I will make it open here on the blog.

The text is likely to change over a longer period and often be difficult to understand. They will be called something like:

The creation of a Worldwide Status quo.

  1. The trust of Economic growth is replaced by Personal trust
  2. Economic growth and rules for how resources should be allocated.
  3. Market economy and various groupings have different access to it.
  4. Make it exciting and fun to save energy.
  5. Limit and allocate resources

If you want to join in and discuss the visions then you can find them in the Forum. Each heading has its own forum. (Comes at the same time as I publish a new vision)

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