We need to change our behavior, and we can do it

We need to change our behavior, and we can do it

We have changed our behavior many times in history, We can do it again.

It feels good to know that there are so many people trying on different ways to reduce CO2 emissions and that it is researched on how we can accumulate CO2 and reduce it in the atmosphere.
We need many different solutions. But only technical solutions are not enough, it is not possible to solve all problems without changing our behavior.

The people of industry and politicians are doing as much as they can.

We need to help the transition to a fossil-free society.

Reducing car exhaust or reducing carbon dioxide emissions from all types of vehicles will not help. It’s just part of the whole CO2 problem.

It does not help to get cars free of gases since we have industries that manufacture the cars with fossil energy sources and with fossil material.

Even though the energy sources are free from the fossil, all the material in the car that is created by fossil material, which leads sooner or later to a combustion and releases the fossil CO2 into the atmosphere.

And then we have all other fossil material that sooner or later comes to a combustion system. In many cases, this means that the material is fired up (CO2 is released ….).

Yes even recycling will not help us. Not if it is of fossil material. It only delays the problem. This is because all the material that is in recycling does not return to use. And many of the materials cannot be converted more than a few times. Then they end up in among the garbage.

We need more than technical solutions, we need to change our behaviour in general. And we have changed our behavior many times in history. We can do it again.

But how do we do that? We need to discuss it. and we need to develop visions that show how it should be both in the short and long term. I work with it every day.
I invite you to participate and discuss how the future will be here

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