Basic income a win for employers and society

Basic income a win for employers and society


For a long time, society has developed and become more secure for many people, and the economy has grown. Let’s fix this security with a basic income for all. In addition, give the business owner an advantage of hiring/leasing a person on a basic income. Let the entrepreneur reduce the wage cost by 80% of the basic income.

Basic income creates security, the desire to discover, the opportunity to invent new jobs and forms of work.

An economic base to stand on, equal for all, provides a broader development opportunity for both companies and society at large.

Pay with capital gains of various kinds.

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Start by giving a basic income to all unemployed and students. Give 1/3 of normal income (about 7000 SEK/month for adult, 2000 SEK for children under 18. Example for Sweden) Let entrepreneurs reduce salary by 5000 SEK (adult/ in Sweden) – 1000 SEK (children between 16-18/ in Sweden) / employee with basic income.

– No control and taxation of basic income frees people from the controlling tasks. More educated people will become available in the labor market.

A basic income is a periodic cash payment that is provisionally delivered to all individuals, without any other requirements than that the income recipient has reached an adult age.

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Basic income levels should be such that all adult individuals can access basic needs.

– Food.
– Clothes.

– Residence.

That is, basic income has the following five characeristics:

  1. Periodic: it is paid at regular intervals (for example every month), not as a one-off grant.
  2. Cash payment: it is paid in an appropriate medium of exchange, allowing those who receive it to decide what they spend it on. It is not, therefore, paid either in kind (such as food or services) or in vouchers dedicated to a specific use.
  3. Individual: it is paid on an individual basis—and not, for instance, to households.
  4. Universal: it is paid to all, without means test.
  5. Unconditional: it is paid without a requirement to work or to demonstrate willingness-to-work.
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More can be read on BIEN Basic Income Earth Network

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Hesham Hashem
Hesham Hashem
2018-12-17 05:12

If we have look to france now ..there are big problem will face this world .people became like slaves …..some people control this world….

Dennis Wilson
Dennis Wilson
2018-12-16 17:07

The problem isn’t whether or not basic income is good for the world, no question it is, the problem is who administrates the basic income. Right now I believe most experiments are government administrated, which is a mistake, and here is why, people will become reliant on the government to supplement their income, and governments will become reliant on the payments to gain, or maintain power, a lose, lose situation. The better solution is to have a revenue stream that pays its membership.

Hesham Hashem
Hesham Hashem
Reply to  Dennis Wilson
2018-12-17 05:10


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