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Visions and Solutions for our world.

In order to solve the problems of the world, we invite people to write their ideas of greater solutions that work on the long term. We ask people to express and share their dreams, wishes, hopes and longings for themselves and for the coming generations.

Everyone has the opportunity to create and publish visions in order to inspiring each other. People can get involved on the same premises as leaders and organizations. They can be part of both writing their own visions and influencing what others have written. When organizations and all kind of leaders publish their visions and goals on this site, the great majority of people will have the chance to comment and evaluate the vision directly. The same can happen the other way around, when someone writes a vision that gets great reviews and support, organizations or leaders can pick up the message and get inspired. In that way we close the gap between leaders and population, and make an open forum for debate and discussion using the visions.

Visions for The World

We need visions that all people around the world can understand. Nations leaders should be able to feel that it applies to both those and other nations leaders. Business executives should be able to notice that their companies can be global players. Everyone should be able to believe that the vision shows how a functioning world should be.

Visions for a specific Nation

We need visions that suit the leaders of individual countries and nations.

Visions for a Specific Area

Visions writed for a Union, a City, a Marketplace or a ocean. We need visions for many different areas that are also woven into other visions so that there is a uniform change to the balanced world we need.

Personal Visions

Write and tell us how you want your future to be. It will be inspiring for the rest of us to see what your desire for change looks like.

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